Thursday, November 6, 2014

I like uncertainty in my table top wargaming, therefor it should be no surprise that I will incorporate a number of "fog of war" aspects into "Faithful English Blood" . . . particularly since there are a great many ECW encounters where the stronger force was severely whipped by an apparently weaker foe.

One of the ways in which I hope to achieve this is by using a "card driven" device.  Generals and Brigadiers will mostly have two or three "action cards" in the deck and when such a card is drawn then that officer will be able to act with the forces under his command (as long as they are within his command radius).

As I see it, using action cards will sort of be like watching a movie where the scene jumps around among various sub-plots.  When I was fighting the battles of "The Alpian War" I really enjoyed the use of "action cards" and not knowing what would happen next.

-- Jeff

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